Water that Works throughout the Body at a Cellular Level

Water is essential for the life of every cell

  • Hydration is one of the most important aspects for immunity, sleep and   overall health.


  • Hydration includes the fluids and nutrients we consume.


  • Minerals and trace elements are essential for hydration.


  • The water content in the body varies depending on age, gender and body composition.


How does Cellnutrition Quinton help?




  • Other products tend to focus on the concentrations of a small number of electrolytes such as Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, with some including Calcium, Magnesium and vitamins with or without a carbohydrate source and artificial sweeteners.
  • Research has established the complex inter-relationship of minerals and trace elements.
  • The interrelation between all the elements explains why supplementing with only a few of the higher concentration electrolytes unbalances the homeostasis and compromises the body’s ability to utilise the rest of the electrolytes to maximum advantage.
  • Both the circulation and cells must be hydrated as uniquely provided by Cellnutrition Quinton.
  • The only way to restore full hydration at a cellular level is to replace every mineral and trace element not just a few - the only product that naturally provides all of these is Cellnutrition Quinton.


What minerals and trace elements are required for metabolism?

  • Blood glucose levels and metabolic reactions are controlled and optimised by providing the full spectrum and correct proportions of all minerals and trace elements found in Cellnutrition Quinton.


  • Metabolic reactions use up these minerals and trace elements. If they are not replaced, this lowers metabolism.


  • When it comes to the cells, the concentrations of the main minerals and trace elements (Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride) are actively controlled and partitioned across the cell membrane in certain concentrations to maintain the electrical potential and homeostasis within the body.


  • The presence of the other minerals and trace elements in Cellnutrition Quinton are mainly responsible for drawing water from the circulation into the cells.


  • The trace elements move into the cells and increase the concentration of solutes in the cell which draws water in by osmosis. They may also alter the structure of the aquaporins (channels through which water moves) to support this movement of water.


  • Inside the cells the trace elements in Cellnutrition Quinton also influence the biophysical environment in favour of protein folding structures that increase their surface area. This allows more water to move into the cell.


  • The involvement of minerals and trace elements within the recycling of Adenosine Di-Phosphate (ADP) and Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) also helps explain the glucose-stabilising effect of Cellnutrition Quinton.

Cellnutrition provides the foundations so that each fundamental works to its full effect and your cells can generate energy more efficiently.