Autism is spectrum disorder, not an illness. It’s typically diagnosed in the first to second year of life. This is when it becomes a little more noticeable. It’s referred to as a spectrum disorder because the symptoms are manifested on a sliding scale of severity. Although Asperger's Syndrome has many similar symptoms, it is generally classified as a less severe form of Autism. Symptoms vary from individual to individual.

The spectrum disorder was first officially identified in the early 1900s. It derives from the Greek work ‘autos’ meaning ‘self’. This is an apt description of the disorder as it explains how Autistic individuals withdraw from external stimuli, people from the outside world and increasingly into themselves.

Treatment was severe to say the least and included shock therapy. That was until the 1980s when a more holistic approach was adopted. Science moved from the ‘why‘ it happens, which remains a mystery today, to ‘how’ best to integrate Autism into the family unit to provide a more fulfilling life for everyone. Today it’s treated with a combination of certain mood stabilising medications, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Play Therapy, Hippo-Therapy and nutrition.

The issue is that many people with Autism are very particular about the food and liquid that they consume making a balanced and nutritious diet difficult. In general, people with Autism tend to have more gastrointestinal and digestive issues. This is often attributed to their selective eating patterns which is calorie rich but nutrient poor processed food. This puts them at high risk to diabetes and cardiovascular conditions as well as digestive issues. There is a solution. Cellnutrition’s Quinton Isotonic Ampoules.

Simon Fitzgerald recently contacted Cellnutrition asking us to tell more parents about the benefit that Cellnutrition’s products can have on any person with Autism.

“Please feel free to use it as and how you wish as Quinton Isotonic has been a big help in our fight against Autism,” says Simon.

“My Son Ryan is now nine years old. We started using Cellnutrition’s Quinton Isotonic since he was six years old. Ryan has moderate to severe Autism and as a result has a very poor diet. He eats no fruit, no vegetables and no meat. This in turn has weakened his immune system and he has always been sick on-and-off all his life. When Ryan was six years old, we started using Quinton Isotonic as a natural tool to build-up and balance his immune system. The results were pretty much immediate and amazing. From March 2017 to March 2018 Ryan did not get sick and we didn't visit the Doctor once in that period. This is compared with the previous year when we visited the Doctor seven to eight times to get scripts for antibiotics etc. Ryan was basically sick every six weeks to two months,” continues Simon.

Quinton Isotonic does exactly what it says, it has strengthened my son's immune system and restored his inner ecosystem to where it should be. I would recommend using Quinton Isotonic to anyone with a poor immune system; adult or child, as it truly is a natural hidden Gem which has helped my Son in his battle against Autism and all its negative effects,” he concludes.

Cellnutrition is incredibly happy for Dad and Son. Our Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic range is a gentle and therapeutic all-natural, marine solution that contains all 78 trace elements and minerals. These are considered essential because the body can’t produce them.

We’ve also recommended that Simon consider trying to supplement Ryan’s diet with Omegabiocell369. This is highest concentrated dose of 100% plant-based, ultra-pure Omegas created with a unique patented technology, said to build resilient cellular membranes, nerve function and brain wellness. This is due to the patented technology which controls the conversion of ALA into EPA to DHA. DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain funcion. It also has numerous cardiovascular benefits because ALA contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholestrol levels.

Thank you for sharing your uplifting story with us Mr Fitzgerald. And well-done Ryan for working hard to be the best version of yourself possible. You have humbled us and at the same time made the entire company proud. Still not convinced, read about what Mom’s had to say our products in an independent review here.