78 Bioavailable Minerals and Trace Elements in the Correct Proportions

  • Minerals and trace elements are essential for biochemical processes that occur in our cells


  • The human genome needs 64 minerals. The ionic equilibrium of the composition of elements must be maintained.


  • Cellnutrition Quinton provides all 78 minerals and trace elements, (total mineral homeostasis) which means that genes can be read, expressed and transcribed correctly.


  • Each cell has a membrane which acts as a barrier to selectively take in nutrients and excrete toxins, to form a favourable inner environment.

What is a favourable inner environment?

  • Our internal environment or terrain can also be referred to as the extracellular matrix (ECM).


  • This inner environment is fundamentally composed of a unique composition that is generated through a biochemical and biophysical dialogue between cellular components and the evolving cellular and protein microenvironment.

What makes a favourable inner environment?

  • In the late 1800’s Rene Quinton, French biologist and physiologist discovered that the requirements of an

optimal internal environment of a cell are identical to seawater, where life began.

Why do we need minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions?

  • Minerals and trace elements all work in synergy with one another. This means they depend on each other for

their absorption and utilisation in the human body.


To explain the following:

  • Each different form of mineral will influence the body differently.
  • Ionised minerals do not require dissolving and are not bound to other molecules which require digestion.
  • Cellnutrition Quinton is the only mineral supplement that provides all 78 minerals and trace elements, in a perfect synergistic ratio and in a fully bioavailable form. This means that each mineral and trace element can be effectively absorbed and used by the body to improve functionality of every cell. (PERIODIC TABLE IMAGE OR ANIMATION)


What type of minerals do our cells need?

Why should we supplement with minerals?

  • Food no longer provides the minerals and trace elements that our cells require because of the breakdown in our food chain.


  • If the cell is deficient in one or more minerals it may lead symptoms including insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, muscle cramps and high blood pressure.


  • Before a deficiency disease occurs, levels of nutrients decrease in the blood and extracellular fluid and stores are taken from bone and other tissues to maintain steady levels.


  • An excess or deficiency in any one mineral or trace element may offset all the other minerals it works in synergy with, leading to a multitude of symptoms.


  • Cellnutrition Quinton provides the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements and in a bioavailable form, removing any risk of lack/excess of minerals from supplementation.

Cellnutrition provides the foundations so that each fundamental works to its full effect and your cells can generate energy more efficiently.