Water is the most abundant molecule in cells, accounting for 70% or more of total cell mass, and hydration is one of the most important factors

when it comes to performance and health. Even our bones are 31% water.

Hydration is NOT as simple as just drinking water. It requires an array of nutrients to allow the cells to fully utilise water. The water content of the body is partitioned within the body in the circulation, extra-cellular fluid and intracellularly.

The drive for water to flow is largely controlled by concentrations of dissolved minerals and trace elements, which create an osmotic gradient,essential for optimum health and function.

Chronic dehydration is common as people do not perceive thirst until dehydration is about 2% of body weight. 1% reduction in total body water content can negatively affect cognitive ability and mood, and a 2% reduction in body weight through dehydration impairs performance by 10%.

Health issues related to dehydration can include fatigue, dizziness, impaired concentration, muscle cramps, mood swings & headaches.

Cellnutrition solves the problem of chronic dehydration through hydrating the body at a cellular level. By providing the correct proportions of minerals and trace elements, along with the correct delivery of essential fatty acids, each cell is

Higher intracellular water can increase metabolism throughout the cells and the body since heat dissipation is more efficient.  

There are two mechanisms to preventing a cell from over-heating – Cellnutrition Quinton addresses both aspects.  

Circulation hydration supports better blood supply to the muscles and brain, maintaining energy delivery. Sustained energy delivery to the brain and nerves supports focus, decision making, reflexes, and depth and field of vision that become compromised when blood glucose falls.

Our solutions are essential for optimal body hydration. The correct delivery and proportions of the full spectrum of minerals & trace elements enables water influx into individual cells.

Hydration is the process of utilising water intracellularly, not just in the extracellular fluid. Water influx relies on charged ions (minerals & trace elements) to get into the cell for biochemical reaction. Cellnutrition is the ONLY company to provide a solution with the full spectrum of minerals & trace elements to provide full hydration along with correct delivery of essential fatty acids.

What are the functions of water?

Water is essential for the life and function of every cell. It has an excellent ability to dissolve many substances which allows the cells to utilise valuable nutrients, minerals, and chemicals in biological processes.

  • Regulates internal body temperature through improved homeostasis and heat dissipation
  • Assists the flushing of waste through urination to rid the body of toxins
  • Acts as a shock absorber for the brain, preventing damage or injury through head impact & collisions
  • Helps lubricate our joints for improved movement and function


However, these benefits are not utilised just with water alone. Minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acid are necessary to utilise water. Cell nutrition offers the solution to this.

“Real products don’t have ingredients, they are ingredients” 

How does Cellnutrition Quinton Help?




  • Other products tend to focus on the concentrations of a small number of electrolytes such as Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, with some including Calcium, Magnesium and vitamins with or without a carbohydrate source and artificial sweeteners.
  • Research has established the complex inter-relationship of minerals and trace elements.
  • The interrelation between all the elements explains why supplementing with only a few of the higher concentration electrolytes unbalances the homeostasis and compromises the body’s ability to utilise the rest of the electrolytes to maximum advantage.
  • Both the circulation and cells must be hydrated as uniquely provided by Cellnutrition Quinton.
  • The only way to restore full hydration at a cellular level is to replace every mineral and trace element not just a few - the only product that naturally provides all of these is Cellnutrition Quinton.


Hydration of the circulation

Water enters the digestive tract through the fluids we drink and foods we eat. This needs to be absorbed optimally to be used effectively.

The lower the water levels in the circulation, the higher the concentration of urine as the kidneys strive to retain water through the functions of arginine vasopressin (AVP) and antidiuretic hormone (ADH) acting on renal collecting ducts. This can take up energy that may be needed for focus and concentration.

With this, drinking water that cannot move out of the circulation, through an ineffective osmotic gradient, effectively increases net losses of water and decreases overall hydration.

In these situations, water is drawn from other body reservoirs, such as induvial cells, to maintain body circulation through homeostasis.

Sub-optimal intracellular circulation, which occurs inside individual cells where the distribution of substances is through cyclosis of cell cytoplasm, has a significant adverse impact on performance and overall health.

By improving extra- and intracellular circulation, oxygen and glucose delivery is increased for use by the muscles and brain.

In order to improve hydration of the circulatory system, the body needs minerals, trace elements & essential fatty acids to be able to create an influx and osmotic gradient which water can go down. Essential fatty acids are vital so the membranes of the cells that relate to the circulatory system are fully maximised and can control the entry and exit of nutrients and toxins, respectively, including water.

Cellnutrition delivers the correct proportions of minerals & trace elements and precisely provides the right form of essential fatty acids (ethyl esters) to improve circulatory hydration.  

Cellular hydration

To create water influx, the cells need the full spectrum of 78 minerals, trace elements, and essential fatty acids. Most hydration products are based around just a few macro-minerals primarily including sodium, potassium, and chloride. These help the body absorb water from the digestive tract but have little influence on intracellular hydration.

Cellnutrition Quinton contains these primary macro-minerals along with countless other nutrients to enable the cell to retain water more efficiently, aiding overall hydration.

These trace elements move into the cells and increase the concentration of intracellular solutes which draws water in by osmosis. Along with this, they also alter the structure of the aquaporin water channels to support the movement of water.

However, without essential fatty acids (EFA’s) cell membrane health is not optimised. EFA’s are vital to allow the control of substances in and out of a cell, and without them water influx within a cell is impaired.

Cellnutrition provides ultra-pure trans-esterified ethyl esters to each cell to maximise cellular membrane function for cellular hydration. A healthy membrane is one that had correct fluidity and permeability. Without this, cellular vitality will decrease vastly.

Water plays a crucial role in the structure and therefore the function of proteins, enzymes, and DNA within the cell.

Water has been shown to have a 4th phase which is a semi-crystalline structure that is induced next to hydrophilic surfaces such as the surface of proteins and membranes. The greater the hydrophilic surface area, the more water is held as 4th phase water. This allows more water to move into the cell so that the concentration of unstructured water molecules in maintained and can be retained for longer. Cellnutrition Quinton influences the biophysical environment in favour of protein folding structures that increases their surface area. This means more 4th phase water can influx into the cell.

With further cellular water influx, biochemical reactions can be enhanced through improved water retention, allowing cellular output to be additionally augmented.

Cellnutrition works by priming your cells with both minerals and essential fatty acids for maximum water absorption and retention for overall hydration.

Dissipating cellular heat and metabolism

Cellular activity, through metabolic reactions, generates heat. This heat needs to be dissipated effectively so further metabolic reactions can continue and internal core body temperature is maintained under homeostatic control.

Water, having high heat capacity, can absorb and transfer heat very effectively, therefore, acting as a buffer in every cell against sudden temperature changes.

By effectively hydrating the body through providing the cells with the correct proportions of minerals and trace elements and the correct delivery of essential fatty acids enables water influx intracellularly which can draw heat out of the cell and towards the skin to be dissipated.

Well hydrated cells can do more intensive work which converts to a higher level of physical and mental capacity.

When cells are primed through using Cellnutrition Solution and Cellnutrition369, they can carry intracellular heat away from the cell and towards the skin to be transferred to the external environment, hereby, maintaining internal body temperature.

Cellnutrition is the world-first company to focus on complete cellular hydration and water utilisation for proper health and functioning.

Cellnutrition provides the foundations so that each fundamental works to its full effect and your cells can generate energy more efficiently.