78 Bioavailable Minerals and Trace Elements in the Correct Proportions

The elements within the periodic table are what makes up not just Earth but also our bodies.

This table contains 118 elements, and when we take away the gasses, we are left with 78 elements.

Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorous. And 0.85% is composed of another 5 elements: potassium, sulphur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. But a vast number of other elements are vital for optimal human function.

These elements are the trace elements. And their size does not correlate to the potent effect they have on the body. They mediate vital biochemical reactions, acting as cofactors and central stabilising elements for enzymes and proteins. Trace elements work synergistically with macro-minerals to fulfil every function faultlessly. The clinical significance of both minerals and trace elements for a healthy body is an axiom we need to fully understand.

Although the 11 main macro-minerals are often recognised as the most necessary, what tends to be completely misunderstood is the interdependencies of all the 78 elements.

Each mineral or trace element alone relies on at least 20 other elements to be able to function optimally. If one element is missing, it can cause a cascade effect on the biochemistry within a cell. Not only this, but correct proportions are necessary. Too much of one nutrient or too little of another can also create an unfavourable internal environment, which can affect cellular function.


Cellnutrition Solution is the only product that offers the full range of minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions. It would be impossible to buy 78 individual supplements in the correct proportions for your internal health. Nature intended the specific proportions of minerals and trace elements and adhering to these quantities creates an optimum internal terrain for cellular excellence. Cellnutrition dove into nature and produced a solution which is 100% unchanged from nature, gifting your body with the essential magnitudes of individual nutrients.

Consuming the full spectrum of 78 minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions allows each element to work optimally at a cellular level. This in turn, enhances the absorption and function of all other nutrients we consume.

When the cells of our body are primed then the food we consume can be utilised more efficiently and the body can get more from a single nutrient than previously could.

This is vital since mineral depletion in our soil is exhaustive. The abundance of mineral content within the soil 100 years ago was 40 times of what it is now. To get the same mineral content within our bodies we need to maximise the absorption and utilisation as oppose to just consuming more.

This is vital since mineral depletion in our soil is exhaustive. The abundance of mineral content within the soil 100 years ago was 40 times of what it is now. To get the same mineral content within our bodies we need to maximise the absorption and utilisation as oppose to just consuming more.

Minerals and trace elements are essential for the biochemical processes that occur in our cells to provide energy, enzymes, hormones, correct genomic function and many other processes.

As many as 64 minerals & trace elements are crucial to the human genome for correct gene function, with each one working in synergy with several others. Minute cellular changes to ionic equilibrium through elemental deficiencies can impair transcription and translation of genes. Maintenance of the ionic equilibrium of these 64 elements is vital for genomic health to create functional proteins that generate the human body.

Cellnutrition Quinton is the only solution that provides all 78 minerals and trace elements in perfect synergistic ratio and in a fully bioavailable form, harvested 30 metres below plankton blooms. This creates a total mineral homeostasis for your cellular health to be optimised, which in turn, heightens overall body health and enables more from the food we consume.

Each cell has a membrane which acts as a barrier to selectively take in nutrients and excrete toxins, to help form a favourable inner environment.

What is a favourable inner environment?

  • Our internal environment can be referred to as the extracellular matrix (ECM). This is fundamentally composed of a unique composition that is generated through a biochemical and biophysical dialogue between cellular components and the evolving cellular and protein microenvironment.


  • The maintenance of a constant internal environment was originally found to be necessary for the survival of an organism in a varying external environment. This can only come about if minerals & trace elements, essential fats, water & charge/energy/frequency are all in place, profusely bioavailable to each cell.


  • Nature intended the specific quantities of 78 minerals and trace elements, and it is the precise proportions of each one that creates a favourable inner environment.


  • In the late 1800’s Rene Quinton, French biologist and physiologist discovered that the requirements of an optimal internal environment of a cell are identical to seawater, where all mammalian life began.



There are extraordinary similarities between the composition of our body's internal fluids and oceanic water. The innovative pioneering of marine plasma therapy draws upon the significant bioavailable minerals, trace elements and natural compounds within certain oceanic areas.

We operate on the principle that the internal environment of the body and renewal of cells determine the overall health of the body.

Cellnutrition Quinton is harvested from a nutrient-dense area, 30 metres below plankton blooms in the ocean.

Within certain areas of the ocean, there are natural rich blooms of plankton. Plankton are the most important group of organisms on Earth.

They are the foundation of the whole food chain in the oceans and they perform some of the most crucial reactions, necessary for the creation of life in the sea and on land.

Phytoplankton use sunlight and photosynthesis to produce almost 70% of the Earth’s oxygen. The synergistic effect of various plankton concentrates and releases a nutrient rich mix of bioactive materials, including at least 78 minerals and trace elements in a naturally balanced bioavailable form.

Being in the exact and correct proportions allows them to be optimally absorbed and metabolised by each cell to function optimally.





Animation of plankton/sea/minerals

Why do we need minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions?

  • Minerals and trace elements all work synergistically, and it is this interdependency of these elements that enables the body to function optimally. This means they depend on each other for their absorption and utilisation in the human body to work efficiently.


  • In the 1980s, the complex interactions between 21 minerals and trace elements were identified. It is now clear that dependencies between minerals and trace elements are vital for their function, and if a full spectrum is not consumed then imbalances occur, causing a chain of consequences at the biochemical level.


  • Only Cellnutrition Quinton covers all these bases, providing all 78 minerals and trace elements.


  • Excess sodium intake, as seen in the prevailing Westernised diet, will result in unbalancing calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc, which can increase blood pressure, cause cramp, and undermine stamina. A Westernised diet is so abundant yet so deficient in micronutrients, that the only plausible way to achieve cellular health is by maximising the uptake and utilisation of nutrients, which is what Cellnutition aims to achieve.


  • Looking at the wheel which indicates the interactions between 29 minerals and trace elements, it is clear that supplementing with an excess of sodium will result in throwing calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc out of balance, which can increase blood pressure, cause cramp and undermine stamina. Likewise, excess magnesium will affect the efficiency of manganese, sodium, lead, phosphorus and calcium and can contribute to abdominal cramping and digestive upsets. It is impossible to calculate all the ramifications of unbalanced supplementation.

Why should we supplement with minerals?

  • Food no longer provides the minerals and trace elements that our cells require because of the breakdown in our food chain.


  • If the cell is deficient in one or more minerals it may lead symptoms including insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, muscle cramps and high blood pressure.


  • Before a deficiency disease occurs, levels of nutrients decrease in the blood and extracellular fluid and stores are taken from bone and other tissues to maintain steady levels, leading to severe diseases such as osteoporosis & hypertension.


  • An excess or deficiency in any one mineral or trace element may offset all the other minerals it works in synergy with, leading to a multitude of symptoms.


  • Cellnutrition Quinton provides the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements and in a bioavailable form, removing any risk of lack/excess of minerals from supplementation.

Cellnutrition provides the foundations so that each fundamental works to its full effect and your cells can generate energy more efficiently.