Don’t get us wrong, enjoying the odd chocolate bar or celebrating a birthday with some pizza and cake is 100% OK. But when cravings for junk food become a daily occurrence and you start to struggle with your health and lifestyle, it may seem like a constant battle to fight those cravings!

Thousands of people find themselves in this situation and think that they are stuck; but there is a solution!

5 reasons why you should swap out the junk food:

Boost your mood

Really can swapping a can of Red Bull for a banana smoothie actually make me feel better? Sounds crazy, but it’s true! High sugar foods and caffeinated drinks can seem like a quick fix to low energy however they contain stimulating ingredients that lead to fluctuations in the body that can lead to sugar crashes and caffeine can heighten anxiety.

Fight fatigue

Swapping the junk food for whole foods can increase your energy levels. Nourishing, whole foods are high in nutrients such as fibre, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Slow energy release foods have a gradual effect on blood sugar as opposed to a rapid effect. This reduces the risk of a spike in energy levels and helps the body to maintain stable energy until your next meal.

Reduce cravings

Cravings, cravings, cravings!! Do you struggle with cravings for high sugar foods? This can be for many reasons 1) You aren’t eating enough in your previous meal so your body needs more food later in the day, 2) Your body has become so used to the regular intake of certain foods e.g sugar and it’s waiting on that next sugar fix 3) Habit! As humans we are creatures of habit so we naturally make choices based on habit. 

Sleep better

Quality sleep can have such a beneficial impact on your health. As well as making you feel refreshed the next day, good sleep can help improve focus and concentration. Eating a hearty meal in the evening before bed containing starchy carbohydrates can also help you sleep. Some studies suggest the benefits of calcium and magnesium for getting and staying asleep. As minerals work together in the body, it is important to take a supplement that contains the correct balance of ALL the minerals and trace elements as opposed to a one mineral alone.

Lose pounds naturally

You’ve tried every diet there is and you work out all the time so why aren’t you shifting those extra pounds? Frustrating? I’m sure it is. The truth is, restricting your food intake will work short term; but this is not sustainable. To change your body, you need to listen to it. This means workout when you feel energised, take rest days when you feel tired, always eat enough to support the needs of your body. (This does not mean having a large cheat meal at the weekend because you ate healthy all week; this can make you feel sick). Consuming healthy whole foods that are high in nutrients will help fuel your workout and make your body feel good and naturally those unwanted pounds will drop off. Not so sure? Try it yourself!