Keeping Baby’s Skin Healthy

Skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Itchy skin, diaper rashes, skin problems, and even being uncomfortable in our skin are all part of the journey to adulthood. Children are bound at some point to suffer from uncomfortable rashes, intolerances that drive allergic reactions and sinus complications. City living has its ups and downs. Pollutants and irritants are in the air. Quick fix processed foods for the sake of convenience too. This makes us all a little more susceptible to scratchy skins. And baby is no exception.  Allergies, Roseola, Psoriasis, Eczema, Poison Ivy can easily be overcome and prevented the natural way. We live on the Blue Planet for a reason. The secret is knowing that the healing power of Poseidon lingers in every droplet of our wonderful oceans.


Ancient history dating back to Greek, Egyptian and Roman eras all embraced sea water therapy to treat skin disorders. Besides the healing power of salt alone, the ocean is filled with vital nutrients, ions and trace elements to keep our skin the way nature intended it. Harmoniously in balance.

Understanding skin is pivotal to keeping baby healthy, fitter and stronger to making that journey as itch free as possible. The skin is baby’s biggest organ and has three main functions. First, it has seven basic layers that baby’s internal oceans from germs and the elements. Second, it regulates baby’s body temperature. Third, it provides baby with the vehicle for sensations related to touch.

More than that, it can also be considered baby’s filtering and detox organ. Through its pores, it can absorb what’s applied to it through the process of osmosis and secrete the not so good stuff out. What we apply to baby’s skin can therefore also affect his or her internal health and overall wellbeing. To protect itself, the skin produces oils, sometimes too little and sometimes too much which is when we typically reach for skincare products.

Here are our ABC and Ds for keeping baby’s skin healthy and happy.

A is for Attention and Avoidance

By paying attention, we’re able to be better parents by making sure that our children are comfortable, especially when they are uncomfortable. A quick scan of baby’s skin says a lot about what’s also going on inside and out. Be attentive by looking at the products that you are using on your child’s skin. Some products include harmful chemicals that compromise the skin’s equilibrium. Like the food your baby ingests, keep it as natural as possible. Apropos, try to avoid overly processed food, these are addictive in the worst way. Be wary of relying on quick fixes such as prescriptions for skin such as antihistamines, anaesthetics and neomycin. Prevention is better than cure. And then look at baby’s clothing and bedding. The same rule applies. Avoid polyesters whenever possible and invest in 100% cotton and linens. And remember, try to keep the air clean by investing in an air purifier for baby’s bedroom. 

B is for Balance and Boundaries

Being a parent sometimes feels like a teetering tightrope expedition. And that’s ok. We forget that sometimes the words Mother and Father are verbs - doing words. As in life so in baby’s skin. Work to maintain the integrity of your baby’s skin the natural way by balanced routine including nutrition, healthy touch, laughs and cuddles and proper boundaries. After all, this is what the skin represents, a boundary. Establish loving boundaries. What to do when, why and how to apply where.

C is for Caring Consistency and Circadian Rhythm

Now that we’ve established attentive balance, we need to consider caring consistency. This starts with your own circadian rhythm which rubs off onto baby’s skin. A circadian rhythm is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. Like any organ, baby’s largest organ also has a circadian rhythm. By being consistent, we help baby to establish healthy boundaries internally and healthier skin externally. Consistency the natural way is the key to prevention.


D is for Delightful Dermo Care

Skin cells are in a constant process of regeneration and renewal. As parents, the objective is to revitalise baby’s existing skin cells and provide a foundation for healthy skin cells to regenerate. This is where we would like to introduce you to Cellnutrition Quinton Dermo Spray. It’s a 100% natural, pure and innovative skin spray. It contains a unique composition of 78 minerals and trace elements from the sea and is harvested from pristine plantain blooms deep in the Atlantic Ocean. Dermo Spray will calm the skin, push forward the irritant and reduce the itching.  While rejuvenating healthy cells.

And finally, consider that skin reactions may be an indicator of your baby’s intestinal health. Be sure to reduce refined carbohydrate and sugar intake and be weary of dairy. Teach your baby that water is healthy and keep them properly hydrated. Perhaps even consider keeping your baby’s intestines healthy with Cellnutrition’s Isotonic ampoules to get the most benefits paired with the Dermo Spray. Healthy skin from the inside out!

We try to inspire that sea water is not intended to cure an illness but rather to re-establish a happy and strong cellular homeostasis.