Savvy support for your immune system

It’s the time of year when unfortunately picking up a virus or infection is all too easy. With over 200 strains of the cold virus, it’s no surprise that on average adults suffer from 2 to 5 colds per year.


There’s nothing worse than feeling like you need the full day in bed but having to drag yourself out the door to work- tissues and painkillers in hand. But what if taking a daily mineral supplement can help you combat catching an infection.

One key way to avoid these common infections is to have a strong and healthy immune system. 

What affects immunity?

Your immune system is affected by a range of different factors including how much you exercise and sleep what nutrients you consume and your hydration status. 


Research shows that insufficient sleep can affect the brain, impairing learning, memory processing, cellular repair and brain development. 


A report from the NHS has also suggested that if you seem to get every cold and flu bug that’s going around, then it could be your bedtime that is to blame. This is because prolonged lack of sleep can disrupt your immune system. The effects of sleep on the immune system is complex however the less sleep you get, the weaker this can make your immune system, increasing your risk of catching a virus. 

Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic helps the body to restore and replenish itself. It has been shown to support the immune system and its therapeutic effects can improve sleep, leaving you feeling more refreshed the next morning. 


Physical activity has been shown to support different aspects of health, including weight, mood, digestive health and immunity. 


Research shows that regular, moderate exercise supports exercise whilst prolonged and strenuous exercise can depress the immune system. It is therefore beneficial to listen to your body and take part in physical activity that feels good for you. 

The effects of exercise on immunity occurs due to the change in white blood cells and antibodies, reducing the onset or risk of catching an illness or infection.

Exercise also reduces stress hormones such as cortisol which can depress the immune system.

Totum Sport is a 100% natural electrolyte supplement containing the full spectrum of 78 electrolytes. This natural solution free of sugars, additives and calories speeds up your recovery from exercise to keep you on top of your routine and continuing to hit your goals. It is the only electrolyte solution to provide complete hydration at a cellular level!


Why is hydration so important? Every organ, system and function in your body requires water and minerals and in the correct balance. When you're dehydrated due to an imbalance of water and minerals, fatigue often sets in as your body has to work harder to keep everything functioning normally.

Cellnutrition supports nutrition and hydration in your body, at a cellular level. The balance of all minerals and trace elements in Cellnutrition Quinton enables your cells to hold on to water, so it has a more physiological effect in the body, supporting every system including the immune system.

Quinton Hypertonic


Certain nutrients are known for their role in immunity. This includes vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D. Zinc is thought to play a role in immune function in reducing the duration of common cold symptoms by up to 2 days. Excess zinc, however, can lead to copper deficiency which can cause anaemia, low levels of white blood cells and even memory issues. Cellnutrition Quinton is a nature-derived supplement which provides zinc, copper and all the other elements that they work in synergy with, in the correct proportions. This negates the risk of one shunting out the other and ensures each element is absorbed and works effectively in your body.

Stress on your body, particularly from illness and overworking can cause your body to use up minerals and trace elements faster than normal. This can cause your immune system to become suppressed, so your body won’t be able to fight off infections quick enough. If your immune system is weak, it can be harder to recover from cold and flu viruses – leaving you coughing and sneezing for even longer.

Taking Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic daily helps to balance your cells and support your immune system, by giving you the 78 essential minerals and trace elements your cells need, in proportions that mirror the internal environment of your body. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects in the body, supporting white blood cell function.

Quinton Isotonic