Sticking to your Mental and Physical Goals

Does sticking to your mental and physical goals seem to be difficult? 

Changing your lifestyle requires changing old habits which is a process, involving several stages.  

Once you adopt new, healthier habits this helps to protect you from serious health problems- both physically and mentally. 

However, maintaining and sticking to your goals doesn’t have to be hard.  

At Cellnutrition we believe that everybody has the power to be the best versions of themselves and we therefore provide unique, natural solutions to help you along the way. Suitable for everybody. 

Below we explain the four stages, when habit changing and explain the solutions, we provide to help you stick to your goals. 

The four stages of changing a behaviour are: 

  1. Contemplation:  

Contemplation is when you are thinking about change and are motivated to get started. At this stage you may feel that your energy levels, immunity and overall well-being can improve if you develop new habits. 


The step between thinking about change to making it can be hard. Weighing up the pros and cons can help to make you see how making changes will improve your life.  

Some benefits of embarking on a new lifestyle include; 

  • More energy 
  • Improved health 
  • Reduced risk for health problems 

Cellnutrition Quinton is a unique, natural supplement that is 100% pure and 100% real, working in harmony with your body to make your cells happy. Happy cells create happy bodies and happy minds.  



 2. Preparation:  

In this stage, you are making specific plans that will work for you. In this stage you have set specific goals that you would like to meet.  

The chart below lists roadblocks you may face and solutions to overcome roadblocks as you begin to change your habits. Think about these things as you make your plan. 



Being healthy is too expensive. 

  • Your health should be your no.1 priority. If you are struggling to get started look at what you are already spending your money on and decide how you can cut back and swap unnecessary expenditure to supporting your health, starting with your cells. 
  •  Cellnutrition Quinton is a 100% natural, complete mineral supplement. It contains 78 bioavailable minerals and trace elements that your cells require. This provides your cells with the correct foundation, so that everything else you consume including water and food will work better. With everything working better in your body, this supports you physically as you have more energy and mentally as you can think more clearly.  
  • 1 box contains 30 ampoules and costs £40. (That is less than a daily cup of coffee and supplies your cells with the best foundation, to help them thrive). As your food and water are better absorbed you will also be getting more out of what you consume. 
  •  By putting the core foundations in place with cellular nutrition and hydration- everything else works better, improving how you think and how you feel. Read more about Cellnutrition Quinton 

I don’t like physical activity. 

  • Forget the idea that you must join the gym to exercise. Dancing, walking and yoga contributes to your daily physical activity. 
  •  Make a list of options that appeal to you and even explore options you never thought about. Mixing it up and finding things you enjoy is the best way to maintain daily physical movement. 
  •  With the correct nutrition and hydration already in place, physical activity will be even more enjoyable as you will be more motivated to move and still feel good after- without the cramps and DOMS. 

I don’t like healthy foods. 

  • Having a negative mindset towards something will impact reaching your goal. Try making your favourite recipes but make them healthier by swapping certain ingredients, reducing the amount of sugar and salt or adding ingredients to make them healthier. 
  •  This could be adding an extra portion of vegetables to your main meals for extra fibre or adding Omegabiocell369 to your breakfast.  
  • Omegabiocell369 provides the correct balance of essential fatty acids. These are needed for cellular communication, fluidity and support the functioning of your heart, brain and vision.  
  • Omegabiocell369 is the only Omega supplement that has been created using a unique patented, bioester technology. This provides 100% plant preparations of ULTRA-PURE Omega-3,6 and 9- with high bioavailability and bioretention, staying in your cells for longer.  
  • This can be used daily to maintain a healthy Omega-3: Omega-6 ratio in the body and help combat inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids have many functions in the body including the production of neurotransmitters that have a feel-good effect, supporting you mentally. Omegabiocell369 can be added to meals/snacks daily to increase Omega-3 consumption.  

 3. Action

In this third stage, you are acting and making the changes you set out to achieve. 


You now know how it feels to be healthier. 

To stick with your new habits and stay motivated 

  • Look at your goals and measure how well you are meeting them 
  • Review your plan 
  • Track your progress 

Tracking your progress helps you spot your strengths, find areas where you can improve, and stay on track. 87% is an app that records and tracks your progress so that you can stay focussed, catch setbacks and meet your goals. A setback does not mean failure. Get back on track and use tools provided by 87% to keep smashing it.  

4. Maintenance

In this final stage, your habits have now become part of your routine and are making you a healthier you.  

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have to continue with the new habits you have created and keep yourself motivated.  

Once you feel the benefits, it becomes easy.  

Cellnutrition x 87% makes healthy living easy. Providing you with complete, cellular solutions to support your body and keep your cells happy.