Powerful Healing Properties of Plankton

Cellnutrition prides itself on its range 100% pure, natural and innovative products. These work synergistically with and enhance existing healthcare regimes holistically. Apart from our plant-based Omegabiocell369 range, all our current product ranges are created with extracts and by-products from pristine seawater. And in particular, with the help of Plankton.


Zooplankton feed on Phytoplankton blooms near the surface of the oceans. They digest elements from the plant-based Phytoplankton and transfer them into the water. This creates a bioavailable solution which naturally contains all 78 bioavailable electrolytes, in the correct proportions for each element to work effectively in your body. Here’s and why we need to pay attention to these Planktons and how they stand to benefit you.


Phytoplankton are vital to the planet’s ecosystems. Some would even say that they are the primary and healthiest food source available. When we consider that 70% of Earth is covered in water and that 97% of that water is held in our oceans, we start to understand the gravitas and importance of these plant-based organisms. They are the makers, producers and alchemists of most marine food webs. They also provide half of the world’s Oxygen and play a pivotal role in Carbon recycling. As photosynthetic organisms, they convert solar energy into chemical energy and store it as sugars.


Phytoplankton are eaten by other small organisms, such as Zooplankton and their by-products are incredibly beneficial to the health, wellbeing and overall fitness of every cell in the human body.


What are Plankton?

The word “plankton” comes from the Greek for “drifter” or “wanderer”. Plankton is the general term for a diverse collection of organisms in the ocean that drift with the currents, as they cannot swim well enough to move against the forces of the ocean. Scientists classify Plankton in several ways, including by size, type, and how long they spend drifting.


The main divide of Plankton is into two groups: Phytoplankton (plants – producers, capable of photosynthesis) and Zooplankton (animals and consumers).


What is The Role of Phytoplankton in Our Oceans?

Phytoplankton are microscopic plants that play a huge role in the marine food web. They are probably one of the most vital life-supporting organisms which exists in our oceans. They are the primary producers of the Planktonic world, feeding everything from microscopic, animal-like Zooplankton to multi-ton whales.


During the process of photosynthesis, Phytoplankton convert the inorganic minerals and trace elements in seawater into bioavailable minerals and trace elements that are then secreted into the surrounding water. They also secrete other essential life supporting compounds including nucleic acids, proteins, essential fatty acids, oligosaccharides and antioxidants.


What is The Role of Zooplankton in Our Oceans?

Zooplankton are the consumers of the planktonic world. As such, they feed on Phytoplankton to obtain the energy and nutrients they need to survive. So many of these Zooplanktons migrate to the surface of the oceans to feed on Phytoplankton – making this the largest migration on Earth which can be observed from space.


Zooplankton release a similar spectrum of bioavailable minerals, trace elements and other compounds into the ocean, producing areas that are immensely nutrient-rich.


Creating Cellnutrition Hypertonic and Isotonic

Cellnutrition Hypertonic and Isotonic ranges are created by sustainably harvesting pristine seawater using a patented technological process, 20-30m below Plankton blooms in the ocean, which has a high concentration of both Phytoplankton and Zooplankton.


The natural interaction between these two results in a nutrient rich mix of bioavailable minerals and trace elements, alongside naturally occurring nucleic acids, proteins, essential fatty acids, oligosaccharides and antioxidants.


The Benefits of Cellnutrition Hypertonic and Isotonic

Before this innovative solution enters our bodies, it undergoes a series of quality control tests to ensure maximal quality is maintained. This includes double cold micro-filtration in a sterile environment to guarantee and preserve the nutritional properties and remove any potential impurities. The body must get the correct amount of minerals and trace elements in a bioavailable form to use them properly. Minerals and trace elements are essential for cellular health and are used in all biological reactions within our bodies.


Cellnutrition Isotonic and Hypertonic solutions aid nutrition and hydration at a cellular level. From insulin regulation to formation of bones, to critical manufacture of blood, to all enzyme function.


78 minerals and trace elements are essential for the development of the body and must be consumed in the correct proportions and in a bioavailable form so they can work synergistically for a healthier body.


Cellnutrition Hypertonic contains the correct proportion of magnesium alongside 77 other bioavailable minerals and trace elements. This is important as magnesium relies on at least 20 other minerals and trace elements to be absorbed and work optimally in the body. This contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system and aids muscle contraction.


Cellnutrition Isotonic has a concentration of minerals and trace elements that mirror our ideal internal terrain. It has a therapeutic effect on the body, aiding cellular repair. Having a stronger repair mechanism results in strengthened immunity, helping the body defend against illness and infection. Not only this but the body will be able to detoxify cells of waste products more efficiently. This increases cellular longevity for a well-restored body.