Immune System - Optimising Your Cells

Why may you have a weak Immune System and the key to optimising it.

What is your Immune System? Your immune system is a network of cells, nodes, tissues, and organs that work together to help fend off diseases. Keeping your immune system in good condition is important to maintain and support your health, as it is the first port of call to stave off and protect you from infection and disease. When your body’s specialised receptor cells detect a virus or bacteria it responds in two stages: 1) the innate response and 2) the adaptive immune response. The innate response is the initial stage when your body rapidly starts upon infection and helps to contain the spread and reproduction of the virus. The adaptive response occurs after this and targets more specifically the virus that is affecting your body.



What makes some people more susceptible to Colds, Flus & Viruses?

Some people have a weaker immune system and are less able to fight off infections, making them more susceptible to illnesses. There are a few lifestyle factors that can weaken your immune system, such as:

- Poor nutrient intake.
A diet high in processed food, saturated fats and sugar can have a negative impact on your immune system making you more susceptible to viral fatigue.

- Lack of physical activity.
When you regularly exercise this can result in you sweating. Sweating daily can help antibodies circulate faster. When you sweat your body also releases endorphins which can make you feel happier, reducing the likely hood of stress which can negatively impact your immune system.

- Regular Smoking.
Tobacco can irritate your airways and affect the exchange of air you breathe in making you more susceptible to infections in the respiratory tract. This is more likely to cause issues in the winter when your immune system is slightly weakened.

- High levels of stress.
If you are constantly feeling stress this can suppress your immune system due to your body not being able to produce as many white blood cells which are needed to fight off infections.



How to support your Immune System?

Your immune system plays a vital role in maintaining optimal health as it helps protect your body from harmful substances, viruses, and bacteria.

Making healthier lifestyle choices including exercising, a diet high in nutritious foods, minimising stress and getting adequate sleep all contribute to supporting your immune function.

Research has shown that supplementing with certain nutrients can improve your immune response, helping protect you against illnesses.

The correct balance of nutrients; particularly Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and Minerals & Trace Elements supports cell division, cell function, immunity and red blood cell balance.

The Cellnutrition Intelligence- Immunity Bundle provides your cells with all 78 Minerals they require in a fully bioavailable form, from our Hypertonic and Isotonic solutions as well as the correct ratio of ultra-pure EFA from our Omega oil. These three solutions work synergistically in the body to aid cell function, cell communication, hydration and nutrient absorption. By regulating all 100 Trillion cells the Cellnutrition Intelligence- Immunity Bundle helps to optimise your cells and support your immune system.

When all your cells are effectively communicating, they can function more efficiently- making your cells work intelligently, meaning they will be better be able to fend off unwanted illnesses, to better protect you.

At Cellnutrition, we provide all-natural solutions to support your immune system. Our Cellular Intelligence- Immunity Bundle provides the foundation your cells require for enhancing cellular wellness and supporting your immune system.

It is recommended to use all products in conjunction with each other for optimal cell function.

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