How to Maintain Healthy Skin When It’s Cold

The average person has about 20 square feet of skin and about 11 miles of blood vessels. The skin absorbs what is applied to it via the process of osmosis and circulates it around the body. Think about the nasty effects that processed foods have on your intestines, the same applies to the skin!

Now it’s coming into the coldest months in the UK which means we need to stay hydrated to ensure our skin and hair remain healthy.

The average person spends around £50 a month on lotions, moisturisers, and anti-aging products, and another £50 a month on cosmetics and make-up.

However, at Cellnutrition we explain how to hydrate your skin optimally to create that lasting radiant look, even in the colder months.

Everyone knows that water aids hydration. Did you know that the secret to complete hydration includes minerals and essential fatty acids? At Cellnutrition we do. And it starts with your cells

The lingering healing power of Poseidon can be found in every drop of the vast oceans comprising the blue planet. The salt in the water includes many healing ions, trace elements and minerals that can help the skin stay healthy and balanced. From the Greeks and Egyptians to the Roman ancient civilisations all relied on the ocean to cure skin conditions and keep their skins youthful, healthy, and more resilient.

Cellnutrition Dermo Spray is based on this principle. It is 100% natural and pure. The minerals are harvested from plankton blooms in the Oceans. It works at a cellular level to keep skin healthy, strong, and harmoniously in balance with 78 trace elements and minerals. It is used externally to help build healthier skin cells and prevent skin disorders. This is the only skin spray that includes these essential nutrients and in the perfect proportions for optimal absorption. 

Cellnutrition Ampoules also provide all the minerals the cells require in the correct proportions, in 10ml ampoules. When taken in combination with Omegabicoell369, this internally provides your cells with the correct foundation to better absorb the nutrients you consume through food and fluids. 


Glow from the inside out with Cellnutrition. Cellular Intelligence enables you to glow and combat any matter of climates all year round.