Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic

Background of Isotonic

There are extraordinary similarities between the composition of our body’s internal fluids and oceanic water. The internal environment of the body and renewal of cells determine the overall health of the body. Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic is a world-only unique solution. It is harvested 30 metres below specific plankton blooms in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of France. The synergistic effect of various plankton concentrates and releases a nutrient rich mix of bioactive materials – 78 minerals & trace elements in a naturally balanced bioavailable form.

Being in the exact and correct proportions which nature intended, allows them to be optimally absorbed and metabolised by each cell to function optimally.

The isotonic solution mirrors the internal terrain of our body fluids and has a therapeutic effect which gives it many beneficial properties.

The unique solution works at a cellular level by providing the cells with necessary nutrients so they can retain water intracellularly for optimal biochemical function and are able to remove accumulated waste products, so the cell remains healthy.

This solution is so unique since it can be utilised by everyone as we all share the same composition of the solution within our own bodies.

Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic has had numerous applications based on the same concept of renewing, purifying and regenerating the internal fluid environment, as well as maintaining vital equilibrium. It has shown that it is one of the best supporters and regenerators for all cell mechanisms.

Why Does it Have So Many Benefits?

Minerals are incredibly vital for normal human function, hence why they are called essential minerals and the amounts needed within the body are not an indication of their importance. Acting as catalysts and cofactors for many biological reactions within the human body, they are necessary for transmission of messages through the nervous system, digestion, and metabolism or utilisation of all nutrients in food.  

Minerals are often discussed separately; however it is severely important to realise that their actions within the body are interrelated; no single mineral can function without the others, due to their synergistical relationship.

The body has been seen to run electrically, and minerals are the conductors of these currents.  They provide the necessary charge of positive and negative electrical molecules. Ions keep the ‘human battery’ charged. If a person is lacking in minerals or deficient in any particular one, they can become run down very rapidly.

Since it mirrors some of the body’s internal fluids, it has a restorative and calming effect which has been seen to have many benefits. There is no wonder it has been used for over 100 years with incredible results.

This solution works by hydrating the body cellular, creating more intelligent cells. Intelligent cells excel at their function. They are able to communicate more efficiently, repair faster, utilise nutrients more effectively, and enhances overall immunity.

When cellular health is optimised and they function more intelligently, tissue health is optimised. Healthier tissues make healthy organs and systems which improves overall health. 

Why is this Product so Unique?

To supplement only a few minerals can be detrimental to your health. Minerals and trace elements work synergistically to work effectively. Some minerals rely on at least 20 other minerals & trace elements for their function, so not supplementing with the full spectrum can create an internal imbalance of charged ions.

How to Maximise the Solution Function?

For Cellular Intelligence your cells need the correct ratios of all 78 bioavailable minerals and trace elements and essential fatty acids delivered correctly, so water can be absorbed, and nutrients can be effectively utilised.

When essential fatty acids are taken alongside the isotonic solution, cellular membranes function at their maximum capacity acting as gatekeepers for nutrients and toxins. A healthy membrane allows the entry of nutrients to then go through biochemical reactions, where minerals and trace elements act as cofactors to initiate and control the rate of reactions.

An intelligent cell is one that is fuelled correctly through Cellnutrition.