As the summer months have been heating up have you found your energy levels to be getting low?

Our brain is approximately 80% water and our bodies are approximately 70% water. In the hotter weather we tend to sweat more as the body tries to cool down. As a consequence the risk of dehydration increases.

Throughout the day we lose a lot more water than usual. As the body doesn’t store water we need to replace it. If we don’t replace the water we lose we can become dehydrated and as a result suffer from the associated symptoms including brain fog, headaches and tiredness.

Dehydration can lead to low blood volume, as our blood is mostly water. This reduces the ability of blood to transport nutrients through the body.

Cellnutrition is a complete mineral supplement providing over 70 minerals and trace elements in a bio-available form.

Here are 4 tips to help you stay hydrated:

  1. Always carry a water bottle. 

      2. Check to see how much water you have drank by lunch time. If you don’t need to refill your water bottle this may be a sign you haven’t drank enough water.

      3. Take Cellnutrition. Although it is important for us to drink water, taking Cellnutrition alongside water optimises your hydration as it helps hold water in the cells.

      4. If you are consuming caffeine or alcohol be sure to increase your water intake as both can increase the risk of dehydration.