All about Cellnutrition Hypertonic

What is it?

Cellnutrition Quinton Hypertonic is a unique, natural mineral supplement.

It contains 100% pure marine plasma, harvested from nature, 30m below plankton blooms in the ocean. Each ampoule provides your cells with 78 bioavailable minerals and trace elements and in the correct proportions. 

Why is Hypertonic for me?

Whether you live a healthy and active lifestyle or simply want to increase your cellular health, Cellnutrition Quinton hypertonic is a unique, natural solution derived from the sea which enhances health at a cellular level. 

This unique, natural formula nourishes your cells by favouring the right balance of all electrolytes. It supports a normal energy yielding metabolism, providing a natural boost of energy helping you combat tiredness and fatigue throughout the day. 

What it does for your body?

Due to busy, on the go lifestyles and a change in dietary intake, food no longer provides us with all the nutrients we need to support our cells optimally. 

This natural hypertonic solution optimises hydration and enhances the normal functions of the nervous system supporting psychological functions. This can be of particular benefit during periods of business or stress. 

Hypertonic also supports the synthesis of protein and normal muscle function. It contains specific minerals and trace elements that keep bones and teeth healthy, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese.  

Micronutrients including silicon, zinc and potassium have proven to be beneficial for the skin's natural beauty. 

Incorporating Cellnutrition Quinton hypertonic into your everyday routine helps to support you physiologically, psychologically and physically.

Who can benefit?

As our hypertonic solution is more concentrated to Cellnutrition Quinton isotonic it is more quickly absorbed by the cells, having an immediate and rapid effect. 

It is beneficial to those who are generally healthy, those who have busy, active or stressful lifestyles or those prone to fatigue.

How is it different to other supplements?

Cellnutrition Quinton is the only product on the market to contain all 78 minerals and trace elements in a bioavailable form and in the correct proportions for each element to be absorbed and metabolised optimally by your cells. 

Many energy enhancing products contain caffeine, sweeteners and/ sugars. 

This natural energising solution contains no sugar, calories, preservatives, sweeteners or caffeine making it suitable for all including those with allergies or sensitivities, vegan and gluten/ dairy free.

How do you use it?

Each box contains 30 snap open ampoules.

It should be taken approximately 20 minutes before food for enhanced absorption and metabolism.

It is recommended to take 1-2 vials per day e.g 1 in the morning and 1 at midday. 

(Do not exceed 6 ampoules per day)