The Importance of Nasal Hygiene

Your nose is in our business and that’s great. We’ve all no doubt heard the phrase: breathe correctly, deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. And quite rightly so too. The nose is not only one of the vessels for smell and taste, it is a carrier of vital air to the lungs and in fact, the body’s cells. It is also the body’s very first line of defence against germs, filtering and purifying the air that we breathe, into air pathways before it reaches the lungs. It plays a pivotal role in our wellbeing.

Our nasal passages are well equipped warriors. Microscopic, hair-like structures called Cilia line the surface in the cavities and are specifically designed to carry impurities in the air that we breathe to the back of the throat. Here, the impurities are swallowed into the acidic environment of the stomach and destroyed to prevent them from causing harm to the body.

When the nasal passages are dried-out, irritated or congested, they cannot be as efficient in defending you against harmful pathogens. Keeping the nose clean, hydrated and moisturised helps it to function optimally in defending you against airborne contaminants. It also reduces the onset of symptoms associated with colds and flus and reduces the risk of further infections. 

Cellnutrition Isotonic Nasal Spray is a 100% natural, pure and innovative nasal spray. It contains a unique composition of 78 minerals and trace elements from the sea. It is recommended for daily nasal hygiene. The composition is double cold micro-filtered and not heat treated at all. Unlike some other saline nasal sprays, it works to keep your nasal cavities well moisturised and from drying out.

Keeping your nose clean in this manner not only aids defences against symptoms of the cold but also supports better sleep.  

Proper air flow through the nose aids the flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) from the spine to the brain through ventricles. The flow of CSF is very important in promoting a para-sympathetic tone when sleeping. CSF aids the movement of nutrients to the brain. Improper breathing while sleeping might rob your brain of essential nutrients. 

To function optimally the nose needs to be clean and clear.  Keeping your nose clean aids nasal breathing at night to aid restorative sleep and may improve the body’s defences against cold and flu symptoms.

Nasal breathing through healthy nasal passages also promotes the absorption of Nitric Oxide. This trace chemical expands your blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and has an all-over calming effect on the body.

Nitric oxide helps regulate blood flow, enhances immunity and aids neurological support. It is a key component for restorative sleep and health. Non-restorative sleep is linked to inflammation, diabetes, poor immunity, poor mood and focus, thyroid stress and DNA damage. As a result, this may lead to reduced nutrient absorption and digestive dysfunction.

Cellnutrition Isotonic Nasal Spray can be used in the morning and evening to gently aid in removing germs and help draining fluids from the nasal mucosa, helping you to breathe naturally.

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