As we know, our immune system has a huge role to play in keeping us healthy by helping to combat illness and prevent disease.  The stronger our immune system, the less likely we are to catch a virus.

Many factors contribute to immunity and should be incorporated into our lifestyles for optimum health.


4 steps to boost immunity:

  1. Sufficient intake of micronutrients.

Insufficient intake of micronutrients has been linked to low immunity. Cellnutrition is a 100% natural mineral supplement containing 78 minerals and trace elements. The minerals are in an ionised form and therefore work at a cellular level. Studies (BY WHO?? ) showed an increase in immunological markers in those who took isotonic compared to a placebo. For maximum results Cellnutrition should be taken daily.

  1. Feed your gut.

Variety is beneficial to the gut microbiome. This is because different foods feed different bacteria in the gut. The gut is responsible for 70% of the immune system! Keeping your gut healthy not only strengthens immunity but also aids mood and helps reduce bloating.

  1.  Ensure you get enough sleep.

Sleep is so important as this is when our body repairs. Insufficient sleep can not only impact our energy levels but also our mood and immunity. Aim for 7-8 hours per night to ensure you are well rested for the day ahead.

  1. Move.

Moving our bodies supports the immune system, and for the full benefits it is recommended that we do 150 minutes of exercise per week. Some tips to increase your daily activity include opting for the stairs when possible, taking 10 minutes on your lunch break to go for a walk or even do some stretches while waiting for your dinner to cook!